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Автор ТемаGame with only CG art and no character sprites?
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Пост Game with only CG art and no character sprites?
on: July 17, 2018, 07:06


On the process of making my game I’m facing new problems. I had lots of sprites planned and sketched already, but after working on the sprites for several days I find myself not enjoying making them anymore. Art for me was always something enjoyable that I did when I felt like and had a good time doing it, but in this project it became a chore, and considering the huge ammount of work that I need to do in order to finish the game, it’s a big, long chore at that. Still, I put a lot of dedication into this project alreayd and I don’t want to leave it hanging. Instead, I’m looking for ways to enjoy the process again so I can continue its development.
My idea now is to make the game only using CG, and not a single sprite. This means that a whole scene would have a single or few CG’s for it with small variations like arms, eyes, etc specific to that CG, but very few.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Motion Infographics Animation Company

Thank you.

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